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Job Description

Kitchen Staff

You will be in charge of food preparation for Western food. Everything from dressing to sauces is made by hand at the restaurant.
Restaurant offers their own menu and we may even put your original dishes on the menu!

Service Staff

You will be in charge of making various suggestions to customers while taking order and explaining the cuisine to ensure they have a great time. This job allows you to communicate directly with customers.
You will be required to set up the restaurant such as arranging tables and preparing the wine selection to ensure that customers enjoy their meal.


You will be in charge of taking phone reservations and welcome customers when they arrive.
This job requires you to watch over the restaurant and take customers to seats that match the occasion.


You will be in charge of taking orders and preparing drinks such as cocktails.
We also welcome your original drink ideas!


- Perfect attendance
- Staff meal
- Parking fee
- Sharing tips
- 13th month salary
- Social and health insurance (There are specific requirements)

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